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SmartCode is a template-driven code generator that lets software developers automatically produce programs and components that interact with database systems.

SmartCode's templates are programs that access the SmartCode Object Model to produce tailored programs and components. Although SmartCode comes with a set of basic core templates, users may edit these or create their own to suit their particular project needs. Templates may be written in C# or VB.NET (or theoretically in any language that supports the creation of dynamic-link libraries). This is a very powerful paradigm.

Is Smart Code for me Smart Code is the right tool for you if:
*You want to automatically generate n-tier .NET web applications, all the way from the user interface to the SQL Server stored procedures.
*You have designed the user interface for your (windows or web) application and want to automatically generate the code to access and update the database.
*You have developed the business tier for your application and want to automatically generate the data access layers based on the database schema.
*You want to automatically generate stored procedures for creating, deleting, updating, and searching for records in the database.
*You want to quickly build fully-functional prototypes of web-based applications that interact with database systems.
*You want to standardize the architecture of the applications that are developed in your organization.
*You want to learn by example how to architect enterprise-level web applications.
*You want to develop templates of the code you write so that in the future you can generate code automatically.
*You want to deliver applications with consistent quality.
*You are tired of writing the same repetitive code over and over again.

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